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Unique New Parents Gift Idea

We are loving our New Parents Gift Box!  It is filled with clever but useful items any new parent will appreciate, including an 8 oz Happy Baby Candle, Up All Night Coffee and one year of onesie photo prop stickers.  This is a perfect gift on its own or add a gift card for an extra special gift!

What is a surprise ball?

If you have ever unraveled a surprise ball you know what an amazing treat they are!  At Confetti Gift Company we brought back this nostalgic gift and added our own spin.  As with the original surprise balls, popular in the 1950's, as you peel back the layers of colorful crepe paper the hidden treasures are revealed one by one.  In the center of our surprise balls we have added a small goody bag with a few more surprises and personal note to the recipient!  Surprise balls are always a treat, but for an extra special occasion there is now an option to add a gift card.  This is the perfect gift for anyone age 3 to 103 and there is absolutely NO occasion required!

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